New Hope Commodities Inc. is a multifaceted company on the rise. Located in Cambridge, Ontario, we are currently servicing throughout Southwestern Ontario.We offer a variety of services, so why go else where?

From copper and plastic recycling to water and salts needs, we are committed to our customers’ request and inquiries. We have a professional and prompt delivery service, or if you prefer,  we offer pick-up service as well.


Our team is dedicated in addressing all our customers with their wants and needs.

For our copper and plastic recycling service: Once your material is received, it is processed in our state of the art technologically complete systems which has the capability to shred various types of scrap copper wire and plastic as quickly, easily and cleanly.

For our bulk water distribution service: Our Fleet trucks and hoses are checked daily and maintained thoroughly to prevent contamination, and we offer truck delivery capacity from 1000 gallons to 6000 gallons.

For our salt service: If you need mineral salt for residential or industrial purposes, we may have just what you’re looking for. Our salt service offers the following products: Residential use (e.g pools, hot tubs, driveways etc.), water conditioning, and industrial use (e.g highways, parking lots, walkways etc.).

For E-waste material: We have put together a Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment Recycling (W.E.E.E.) program, and arranged convenient bin locations for easy drop-off 24 hours a day 7 days a week.



Our team at New Hope Commodities Inc. will always present themselves and represent the company in a professional, respectful, helpful and courteous manner. We are devoted in our customer satisfaction, and your satisfaction is our guarantee!


We look forward to further customer encounters and you growing with our company!