Got E-Waste? At New Hope Commodities Inc. we have a Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment Recycling (W.E.E.E.) program for all your unwanted electronic waste. We are located in Cambridge, Ontario, and have two collection bin locations to provide the most convenient drop-off for our customers.


Our collection bins are located in Cambridge on 1574 Eagle Street North, and the corner of Guelph Avenue & Sheffield Street. So drop by and leave your unwanted E-waste to us!

Listed are some of the following types of E-Waste we accept:

• Batteries: Alkaline, lithium, nickel-cadmium, lead-acid, lithium ion

• Computers desktop, hard drives, keyboards, monitors, motherboards, etc

• Large home appliances: air conditioners, electric heaters, vacuums etc

• Power tools, gardening power tools

• Printing devices & cartridges, scanners, copy/fax machines etc.

• Small home appliances: blenders, coffee markers, toasters etc.

• TVs, cameras, CD & DVD players, speakers etc.

• Video game consoles & accessories

Contact us today for more information or to discuss your needs further. We’d be happy to help!

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